July events

If you haven’t already could everyone make sure they’ve added their availability for the events in July.
I think there is an option that you can enter availability for multiple events at one time. Thanks!
There is either a practice this coming Saturday or there maybe a pop up Saturday race with the RH Friday night group. …

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Crew Members Set Your Password & Availability

Crew members added to the S2 9.1 In the Red website are provided directions for setting their password, updating their profile and setting availability for events. Below are directions on how to log in for the first time and set your password. If there is a problem logging in and setting your password, please email the Skipper (Antoinette Wilkins) for help!  …

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One Button Adds the Boat Calendar to Yours!

There is a handy feature built into the crew website that permits adding the S2 9.1 In the Red calendar to your own.  This means you don’t need to type in the schedule manually.  It will show all boat events displayed on the website calendar.  This feature supports most electronic calendars including Outlook, Google, …

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Directions for the New Crew Website

A Crew tutorial is available that provides a website explanation and how to use Crew Manager features.  This has pictures and a bulleted list with explanations.  If you submit a change in your availability for a scheduled event, the Skipper is automatically notified via email.
Click to View – Crew Member Directions for the Team Website

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The New Team Website

We have introduced a new S2 9.1 In the Red team website.  This has a calendar to list all events for which the boat will be scheduled.  The crew is able to set their availability for each event.  The site displays a calendar post integrated with a crew signup feature.  An email notification / reminder for upcoming events is included.  …

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